Harvesting is performed by hand, with no fewer than 180 cutters. This step, crucial in the making of a great wine, is subject to numerous selective sortings. Initial grape selection is performed on the plant, the second when the grapes arrive at the vat house; eight to ten persons on either side of a seven-meter sorting table eliminate grapes not meeting optimal maturity standards. This precision work conserves the grapes’ and the terroir’s most intense expression.



Last harvests periods

Vintage 2012 : September 27th to October 17th
Vintage 2011 : September 7th to September 28th
Vintage 2010 : September 14th to October 7th
Vintage 2009 : September 24th to October 13rd
Vintage 2008 : September 24th to October 15th
Vintage 2007 : September 21st to October 5th
Vintage 2006 : September 21st to October 4th
Vintage 2005 : September 15th to October 9th
Vintage 2004 : September 30th to October 19th 
Vintage 2003 : September 11th to September 26th



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